Our vision

Mister Miara's designs are clear in function and shape, with distinctive elegant and timeless shapes and colors. Therefore we decided to strive for Slow Fashion, to design our collection not in seasons but as a never-out-of-stock collection, with optional annual color additions. Because we have never seen elegance go out of style!

Slow fashion is also about returning to a personal relationship with fashion. One where trends and seasons don't matter, but where your ethics and aesthetics seamlessly unite, and you can escape the stress of constant consumption, focusing on the style that truly appeals to you.

Our luxurious handbags are made with the finest craftsmanship and are ethically produced in our Sedex audited factory in China. We pay special attention to a fair practice setting. We strive for a great work environment and a fair wage. The Sedex membership ensures us that all of these criteria are met in our factory and inspect the factory regularly.

Because of our love for animals, we decided to use only exquisite polyurethane leather for
our handbags. Committed to designing with 100% vegan leather, we are demonstrating how a fashion brand can push the boundaries to make products that are beautiful, sustainable, and animal-free. All of our products are PETA certified.

The materials that we use to produce Mister Miara are less harmful for the production environment and is contains significant less chemicals as to normal polyurethane bags. All of our materials are fully compliance with EU Reach regulations. Our lining is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and we use only recycled materials for our dust bags, packaging and branding. Also, we are constantly looking for new material developments and options in order to push our brand into being more eco-friendly.