Backpacks can be very useful for many occasions. Whether you go to school, on a little trip or just to work,  backpack offers you all the space you need for your belongings on the go. Feel free in movement with one of the Mister Miara Backpacks.

Every backpack is made of an exquisite polyurethane leather. This material is less harmful for the product environment and it contains significant less chemicals as to normal polyurethane backpacks. The lining of the backpacks is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and Mister Miara only uses recycled materials for the packaging.

Mister Miara’s designs are clear in function and shape, with distinctive elegant and timeless shapes and colors. A brand that strives to slow sustainable fashion. Mist Miara designed a collection not in seasons, but as a ‘never out of stock’ collection, with optional annual color additions.

Make every item one to remember with the vegan products of Mister Miara.

All the products are PETA certified.